• Therapy for Reparenting

    “I always felt like I had to take care of my dad’s feelings first.”

    What is reparenting? Simply put, it means becoming more aware of any wounding, trauma, or emotional abuse you may have experienced while growing up. Having an emotionally immature, distant, or narcissistic caregiver can create mysteriously powerful feelings in us as adults. 

    Reparenting could help if you…

    • Often find yourself in unfulfilling or harmful situations or relationships

    • Have trouble understanding or identifying your needs, wants, or interests

    • Struggle to have successful romantic relationships or friendships

    • Find it difficult to establish healthy boundaries

    You may want more fulfilling relationships, happiness, and a sense of purpose, but feel unsure about why you end up in cycles that feel similar to familial patterns. If you have poor boundaries, put others ahead of your own health and safety, or struggle to make healthy choices, therapy can be a freeing opportunity. 

    We will work together to create a safe environment to shed light on ways to begin to take care of YOU, so you can heal your past and move toward a healthy future.