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    What Does Therapy Look Like?

    Feelings of distress, anxiety, sadness, and grief can pose a difficult challenge: the way you have been navigating life no longer works, but you’re not sure how to go about making a change on your own, or to find hope that you will feel any differently. This struggle of feeling stuck makes it difficult to move around these feelings, and although you may at one time have been able to move around them, these feelings are now too big. They may be getting in the way of important relationships, work, school, or other areas of your life.

    This may result in increasing anxiety, panic attacks, despair, and sadness.

    I offer a conversational and collaborative approach to explore the more difficult parts of your life experience that are demanding to be heard. I will be here with you as we start to listen to the hidden parts of yourself, and offer a safe space to start letting go, in order to make room for happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. We will work at a pace that feels comfortable and useful for you. Together we will work on identifying short and long-term goals within a framework that is unique to you.

    I have experience treating:



    *Panic disorders

    *Having an emotionally immature, emotionally abusive, or narcissistic parent or caregiver

    *Issues around mixed-race, ethnic identity and non-belonging

    *Intergenerational trauma and family judgment

    *Difficulty having success with meaningful or healthy relationships

    *General unease, a strange sadness, or isolation from others

    *Age and transition difficulty

    *Women’s health issues (PMDD and menopause)

    As we work together to identify past parts of yourself, you can start to see ways to grow happily or healthfully into your future.

    How I Work

    I utilize a supportive, psychodynamic approach, and I believe that our earliest relationships have a significant influence on how we view our world and our places in it. Once we are able to identify these influences and patterns, we are able to adjust, reframe, and heal from them.

    For those interested, I also utilize astrology as an approach to help clients with challenges, identifying patterns, and gaining tools for finding the hidden gem or medicine within.

    If you have any questions about myself or my approach, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I offer services in Echo Park, Highland Park, Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles. I also provide telehealth services in the state of California.