• Therapy
    for Healing & Transformation

    Hi, I’m Elena. I’m a therapist in Los Angeles who specializes in reparenting, multicultural and identity issues, panic and anxiety, and uncovering blocks using brainspotting.

    In this increasingly “good vibes only” culture, do you feel that you need to hide parts of yourself in order to fit in or be included in the group? To not be the “downer” all the time?

    Do you feel like you’re either too much or not enough? Like you’re the black sheep in your family or with your friends?

    You may have been thrown into an adult role as a child, having to emotionally care for your parent or caregiver, at the expense of your own emotional development, growth, or even safety.

    You may be an out-of-the-box thinker or creative person who is struggling to find your voice, your place, or your group in the world.

    I am glad you’re here. If this sounds familiar, there is hope.

    You want to reevaluate who and what you want in your life. I can help you discover what’s important to you, and leave behind anything or anyone that’s not helping you move forward.